Finally, A Proven , Easy-to-Follow, Step-By-Step System To


Build Strength, Boost Confidence, and Enjoy Life More Fully with Safe, Effective Home Workouts


Find Your Strength, Find Your Independence, and Find a New Lease on Life

Do you dream of enjoying an active lifestyle throughout your retirement years – engaging in your favorite activities with newfound vitality?

Dave Durell Strength after 50

Hi, I’m Dave Durell, and I’m ready to help you make that dream a reality! 

I’ve been helping people improve the quality of their lives through strength training for over 40 years as a Personal Trainer and Studio owner, licensed Physical Therapist Assistant, and former Collegiate and NFL Strength Coach. 

During that time, I have helped thousands of people build muscle, increase strength, lose fat, bounce back from painful injuries, and improve their level of function and outlook on life.

Once I got over 50 myself (I’m over 60 now), I started to feel the same effects of aging that you’re going through right now.  And I had to figure out how to change my own workouts to overcome these limitations.

So I called upon the knowledge I had gained over the last 40+ years, and created a unique, easy-to-use strength training program that combines strength training with physical therapy techniques and is perfectly suited for people over 50.

Several years ago, I started the Strength After 50 website to share these techniques with people over 50 around the world.

And as I started to interact with people through my popular gym training course and coaching program, one question kept repeating itself over and over –

I don’t belong to a gym – can I perform your program at home and still get great results?” 

And now, the answer is a resounding YES.


Dave has created a comprehensive yet simple program for folks over 50 to build and maintain their strength in a safe, effective manner.
No fads, but an intelligent, thoughtful approach to living your best life, without having to ‘live’ in the gym.
I highly recommend his program to anyone interested in improving their quality of life! “
Matt Del Garbino, Owner, Myhomefitnessplan Personal Training, Oregon USA

Why Strength Training?

– *Boost Your Physical Strength:* Discover the power of strength training to enhance your physical strength, energy and vitality.
– *Improve Mobility:* The workouts include stretching exercises designed to improve your mobility and flexibility, so you can move freely and confidently.
– *Reduce the Risk of Injuries:* These safe and effective workouts are designed to prevent injuries and reduce aches and pains, keeping you healthy and active.
– *Enjoy Convenience & Flexibility:* Workout anytime with an online program – no need to leave your home or adjust your schedule.
– *Gain Confidence:* As your strength increases, so will your confidence – feel better about yourself and your abilities.
– *Stay Active:*  This time-efficient program helps you stay active and engaged in your favorite activities, boosting your overall quality of life.
– *Achieve Independence:* With increased strength and mobility, you can maintain your independence and live life on your terms. 
– *Boost Mental Well-being:* Regular strength training not only keeps your body fit, but also improves your mental well-being.
– *Revolutionize Your Retirement:* This home workout program helps you redefine what retirement can look like – active, healthy, and fulfilling.

This can work for you if…..


 – You’re interested in strength training but have limited experience or knowledge about how to do it safely at home
– You’ve noticed a decline in your strength and are looking for a program specifically designed for your age group
– You love spending time with your grandkids and want to keep up with their energy
– You struggle to find time to go to the gym, and want an online course that gives you the flexibility to work around your busy schedule and train at your own pace in the privacy of your home
– You appreciate detailed, easy to follow instructions and demonstrations
– You’ve been advised by your doctor to start strength training to improve your health and want a beginner-friendly program that can guide you through the process
– You want to feel confident and strong as you age, but you’re intimidated by gyms and don’t know where to start

Are you ready to rediscover your strength and independence through fitness?

How will that change your life?

I’m ready Dave, what do I need to do?


I can guide you with a strength training program that is tailor made for YOU, as you are right now, that you’ll be able to sustain forever to stay strong, resistant to injury, and full of energy, without wasting time or getting injured, so you can live life to the fullest. 
And you can do it in the privacy of your own home, no matter what your experience level is.
No need to worry about your previous experiences or knowledge about strength training – the program is designed with beginners in mind and will guide you every step of the way.
Strength After 50 is an absolute game-changer!  The exercises are thoughtfully designed to build strength, improve flexibility, and enhance overall well-being, all while considering the unique challenges faced by those in the 50+ age group.
What’s more, Dave Durell is incredibly knowledgeable, supportive, and genuinely invested in the success of each participant. 
Whether you’re a fitness enthusiast looking to enhance your routine or someone who’s just beginning their wellness journey later in life, I wholeheartedly recommend Strength After 50.
It’s not just a program; it’s a life-changing experience that will empower you to live your best, strongest life, even after 50. Trust me, you won’t regret it!”
Liam Bauer, Co-Founder, TNT Strength Personal Training Oakland, California USA

The Problem:


People hear about a home program from friends or colleagues, or see an advertisement or commercial that sparks their interest.
So they download an app or watch some YouTube videos for their home gym workouts.
Or they buy some equipment online or at their local sporting goods store, and just try to follow the exercise diagrams that were included.
They work out religiously for a few weeks, but don’t get any stronger, and don’t see any changes in the mirror.
Or they get injured during a workout, the ultimate irony – getting hurt doing something that is supposed to help prevent injuries.
Or instead of bursting with newfound energy as they imagined, oddly enough they feel run down and tired all the time.
So they quit.
Or worse, they keep slaving away month after month after month, doing the same unproductive, dangerous routine in hopes that someday, somehow, it will magically start producing the results they desire.
Remember the definition of insanity?
But it doesn’t have to be that way.

There is a better way


There are specific, objective principles that, when included and properly utilized in a strength training program, will produce immediate, dramatic and continuous results.
Results like increased strength, better mobility, improved body composition, more energy, and more resistance to injuries.
And these results can be achieved with workouts lasting under 45 minutes, performed only once or twice a week, using simple exercises that require no athletic skill and can be done safely at any age.
This combination of principles, properly applied, creates the ideal strength training program for people over 50.
And I call it the Strength After 50 Home Gym Workout Program.
The program you’re about to learn will help you get and stay strong safely without spending endless hours working out every week.
Once you learn this workout plan, you’ll never need another one; the program is designed to be sustainable for life with only simple minor adjustments.
I’ll be your coach throughout the program, explaining and demonstrating everything in great detail to give you all the tools you need to be successful.
A few years back (when I was in my early 60s) my doctor said I needed to start eating better and exercising or I’d soon end up in the hospital. So, I did just that.  And gratefully, things turned around for the better.
Regarding exercise, my new leaf included regular walks (for aerobic exercise) and strength training to regain and maintain skeletal muscle.
For me, the most challenging aspect was figuring out a strength training routine. I did a lot of trial and error piecing together a routine that made sense for my age and health objectives. 
Fortunately, there is now a great home program. If you’re like me (over 50 and appreciate an effective and time-efficient program you can do from home) I think you’ll find Dave Durell’s Strength After 50 Home Gym Workout Program is the obvious choice.
It’s a concise, easy-to-understand, step-by-step video program that shows you just what to do and how to do it with  printable forms and worksheets. There is no guesswork on what to do. In addition to the exercise and a stretching routine,  it also shows you how to design your workouts, how to adapt your training schedule as you get stronger, and how to train around injuries.
The equipment you’ll need to purchase for this home workout program includes adjustable dumbbells, a weight bench, an exercise ball, and a step platform. (For those who want to set up a home gym in their garage or basement, it also explains those options.)
In summary, I find Dave Durell’s Strength After 50 Home Gym Workout Program provides a very doable and effective home program, which I can use with confidence for many years to come.”
David, Montevideo Uruguay                                                                                                    

What’s included in the Strength After 50 Home Gym Workout Program?


Here’s a short video on what’s in the program:


Here’s what you get:


✔️  8 Step-By Step Video Modules
✔️  Printable, editable workout card templates in Excel and PDF format
✔️  Printable Quick Reference Guides
✔️  Over 3 hours of content, 60+ Lessons
✔️ Lifetime Access and 24/7 Login
✔️  14-Day Money Back Guarantee
✔️  *Special Bonus*: Power of Commitment Workbook
✔️  *Special Bonus*:  Off-Day Activity Guide
✔️  *Special Bonus*:  Strength After 50 Nutrition Guide


Here’s what’s in each module:


Module 1: Designing Your Workouts

  • Introduction
  • The Essential Equipment
  • Multi-Station Home Gyms
  • Garage/Basement Gyms
  • Your Workout Game Plan
  • Building Exercises
  • Rebuilding Exercises
  • Scheduling Your Workouts


Module 2: Training Principles

  • Principle 1: Form
  • Principle 2: Intensity
  • Principle 3: Progression
  • Principle 4: Recovery



Module 3: Getting Started

  • Getting Started





Module 4: Building Exercises

  • Upper Body Building Exercises
  • Lower Body Building Exercises
  • Midsection Building Exercises




Module 5: Rebuilding Exercises

  • Rebuilding Your Shoulders
  • Rebuilding Your Low Back
  • Rebuilding Your Neck
  • Rebuilding Your Grip
  • Rebuilding our Knees



Module 6: Stretching 

  • Leg Stretches
  • Hip Stretches
  • Low Back Stretches
  • Trunk Stretches
  • Upper Body Stretches



Module 7: Working Around Injuries/After Surgery 

  • The Working Around An Injury System
  • The Post Rehab Protocol
  • What To Do After Surgery



Module 8: Putting It All Together 

  • Putting It All Together



And you also get:


Printable Workout Card Templates 

  • Personalize your program and record your workouts for guaranteed progress





Printable Quick Reference Guides 

  • Quick and easy access to visual reminders for exercises and rehab protocols 





Bonus: The Strength After 50 Nutrition Guide 

  • The basics of nutrition presented in an easy-to-understand way to help you get the most out of your workouts, while still enjoying the foods that you don’t want to live without




Bonus: The Power of Commitment Workbook 

  • Maximize your motivation for long-term fitness success the fun way using these printable worksheets 




Bonus: Off-Day Activity Guide 

  • Learn how to plan off-day physical activities at the appropriate level of intensity, and strategically schedule them, so you can enjoy all the resulting health benefits without compromising your strength gains.


Who is this for?

Health-conscious Retiree

You’re interested in strength training but have limited experience or knowledge about how to do it safely at home. You prefer online courses because of their convenience and flexibility.

Busy Professional

You want to incorporate strength training into your routine for health purposes and stress relief, but struggle to find the time to go to a gym. A personalized home program would be a perfect fit for your busy schedule.

Active Grandparent

You want to stay physically active to keep up with their young grandchildren. You’re looking for a safe and effective strength training program you can do at home.

Late Starter

You’re just now starting to take your health seriously after a minor health scare. You’re interested in an online program that is beginner-friendly and can guide you through the process.

Fitness Enthusiast

You’ve been into fitness your whole life, and want a program specifically designed for your age group. You’re interested in an online strength training program that can challenge you and help you maintain your fitness level.

Orthopedically Challenged

You’ve started feeling the effects of age-related wear and tear on your body.  You want an age-specific program you can personalize to work around old injuries, without wasting time or getting injured, so you can live life to the fullest.

The Strength After 50 Home Gym Workout Program is the complete, proven, step-by-step A-Z system to achieve a total transformation in your physical health and strength, enabling you to engage in your favorite activities with newfound vitality, without the risk of injury, all from the convenience of your own home.

How do I get started and how much does it cost?


The Strength After 50 Home Gym Workout Program is a password-protected online course that can be accessed from your computer, tablet or smart phone.
Once you order you’ll get instant, unlimited access to over 3 hours of instructional videos; your printable, editable workout card templates in Excel and PDF format; and your printable Quick Reference Guides.
And if you order now, you’ll also get the 3 special Bonuses: The Stay Strong Forever Nutrition Guide, The Power of Commitment Workbook, and The Off-Day Activity Guide.
The course is normally priced at $147, but right now you can get it at the discounted price of $97.
And by request, I’ve agreed to add a second option – The Quick-Start Coaching Program that includes the course plus a 45-minute Tele-Coaching Session and 2 done-for-you, personalized workouts to get you started.
The 45 minute, face-to-face coaching session with me is conducted when you first sign up for the program, using Zoom on your computer, tablet or smartphone. (You don’t need a Zoom account, just an email address.)
We will discuss your goals, medical history, available equipment, and I’ll answer any questions you have. I’ll use this information to create 2 personalized workouts just for you.
Normally $247, you can get the Quick Start Coaching Program right now for $197.


You are fully protected by my 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.


If, for any reason, you decide the course is not for you, you can cancel and get a full refund anytime within 14 days of your purchase, no questions asked.  (If you get the Quick-Start Coaching program, once you have completed a Tele-Coaching session there are no refunds, because I can’t get my time back).  If you have any technical issues with the course videos, downloads etc., just email me and I’ll fix the problem to your satisfaction.


Dave Durell Stay Strong Forever Course

ORDER NOW and get 2 Fast Action Bonuses:

*3 Months of One-On-One Email Coaching* – you’ll receive my personal email to ask me any training question privately.

*Fast Action Extra Discount* – Home Gym Workout course only $97 $77, Quick Start Coaching Program $197 $177

Fast Action Bonuses END FRIDAY!

The Strength After 50 Home Gym Workout Program

Course Only

  • 8 Step-by-Step Video Modules
  • Printable, editable workout card templates in Excel and PDF format
  • Printable Quick Reference Guides
  • Over 3 hours of content, 60+ Lessons
  • Lifetime Access and 24/7 Login
  • 14-Day Money Back Guarantee
  • *Special Bonus*:  Strength After 50 Nutrition Guide
  • *Special Bonus*: Power of Commitment Workbook
  • *Special Bonus*:  Off-Day Activity Guide
  • *Fast Action Bonus*: 3 Months 1-On-1 Email Coaching

The Quick-Start Coaching Program

Course Plus Coaching

  • Complete Strength After 50 Home Gym Workout Program including Special Bonuses (everything in Course Only), PLUS:
  • 45-Minute Face-to-Face Tele-Coaching Session via Zoom
  • 2 Done-For-You Personalized Workout Cards
  • *Fast Action Bonus*: 3 Months 1-On-1 Email Coaching


Do I need to buy any special equipment?

Building muscle and getting stronger requires progressive resistance exercise, so you will need to make at least a minimal investment in some dumbbells, an adjustable bench, and an inflatable exercise ball. You can add equipment as you progress and as your budget allows.  This is all covered in detail in Module 1.

How is this program different than other home workout programs?

Most other home workout programs violate one or more of the 4 criteria of the ideal workout.

They are not safe because they recommend dangerous exercises, or advocate unsafe weight lifting techniques like lifting fast or explosively.

They are not effective because they don’t include progressive resistance exercise, such as bodyweight-only programs, or don’t have you record your workouts to insure progress.

They are not time-efficient because they require you to perform long, multiple-set routines, or performing the workouts 3-6 times per week.

And/or they are not sustainable because they require athletic or unusual movements that a majority of people in their 60’s. 70’s or 80’s won’t be able to do.

How is the program personalized just for me?

You’ll be adding (or avoiding) exercises to your routine based on your own unique health/medical history.  If you have had shoulder problems in the past, we’ll add exercises to rebuild your shoulders; if your shoulders are fine but you’re having issues with low back pain, we’ll focus on that.  These exercises are all demonstrated and explained in-depth in Module 5.

In addition, we’ll work around any physical limitations you’re currently dealing with.  This is thoroughly covered in Module 7.

I've had multiple surgeries and haven't been able to lift heavy weights in years. Will this program work for me?

I created the program with this scenario in mind.  One reason is I’ve worked with thousands of physical therapy patients and personal training clients who were over 50 and were hungry to find a way to overcome physical setbacks and get back to living life to the fullest, and they didn’t want to be held back by past injuries or surgeries.

Whether you need to work around an injury, regain lost strength after a major injury or surgery, or just rebuild injury-prone areas of your body, everything you need to do it is right here in the Strength After 50 Home Gym Workout Program.

Dave has developed an OUTSTANDING program for the 50 and over age group! It’s very specific. It’s brief and it’s fun!
I have a home gym and have many of the weight implements that Dave features in his program. I find it gratifying that I am doing many of the exercises Dave has demonstrated. I feel that I am on the same page.
Dave has incorporated everything one needs into this program.  In my opinion anyone over the age of 50 doesn’t need to spend hours on end in the gym doing rep after rep and set after set. How many of us are competing at a high level after the age of 50? Even if you are, this program will keep you strong!
By utilizing Dave’s program, it takes me an hour from start to finish. I have gained strength without question.
When I had surgery a year ago, Dave was there to guide me through. I didn’t have to stop working out. I worked around my surgically repaired thumb.
I cannot say enough about Dave’s program. For what it’s worth, I’m 67 years old. I am ecstatic to have found Dave and the Strength After 50 program.”
Jay, New Hampshire USA                                                                                            

Let’s get you started today.  I’m here to help every step of the way.

The Strength After 50 Home Gym Workout Program

Course Only

  • 8 Step-by-Step Video Modules
  • Printable, editable workout card templates in Excel and PDF format
  • Printable Quick Reference Guides
  • Over 3 hours of content, 60+ Lessons
  • Lifetime Access and 24/7 Login
  • 14-Day Money Back Guarantee
  • *Special Bonus*:  Strength After 50 Nutrition Guide
  • *Special Bonus*: Power of Commitment Workbook
  • *Special Bonus*:  Off-Day Activity Guide
  • *Fast Action Bonus*: 3 Months 1-On-1 Email Coaching

The Quick-Start Coaching Program

Course Plus Coaching

  • Complete Strength After 50 Home Gym Workout Program including Special Bonuses (everything in Course Only), PLUS:
  • 45-Minute Face-to-Face Tele-Coaching Session via Zoom
  • 2 Done-For-You Personalized Workout Cards
  • *Fast Action Bonus*: 3 Months 1-On-1 Email Coaching