Welcome To Strength After 50!

If you want to:

  • Continue building muscle and serious strength in your 50’s, 60’s, and beyond;
  • Avoid flaring up old injuries, and train safely so you don’t get any new ones;
  • Have the physical ability to live your life to the fullest through your later years;

Then you’ve come to the right place.

On this site you’ll find lots of strength training tips, inspiring stories, and the latest research, all for guys like you and I (I’m over 60).

If you’re like me, you’ve been into strength and fitness for a long time – probably most of your life.  But once you get over 50, things start to change – and your training has to change with it if you want to keep going.

The concepts and techniques you will find here are the culmination of my 30-plus years of experience as a personal trainer, strength and conditioning coach, and fitness studio owner, plus 20-plus years as a licensed physical therapist assistant.

In the midst of these careers, I figured something out:

  • Most personal trainers and strength coaches know a lot about building serious strength and muscle, but next to nothing about orthopedically safe exercise or rehab;
  • And most physical therapists know a lot about orthopedically safe exercise and rehab, but next to nothing about building serious strength and muscle.
time efficient strength training program

Having one foot in each field has put me in the unique position to understand how to create training programs that build serious strength and muscle AND are orthopedically safe AND incorporate rehab techniques for problem areas.

And once I got over 50, I realized that was exactly the kind of program guys like you and I need.

My Story

​I’m Dave Durell.  My strength training journey started at age 13.  Being a skinny kid, I started lifting weights at home, doing whatever exercises I could learn in bodybuilding magazines or mail-order courses.

Next came high school wrestling, which got me hooked on studying human performance, sports medicine, and how to get strong.  I have been studying, practicing, and teaching these things ever since, and now you can benefit from my 40-plus year journey via this website.

Some stops along the way of my journey:

– I’ve studied under some of the top strength training experts in the world, experimented with countless training methods, and come up with a training program that increases strength and muscle mass safely, with minimal time spent in the gym.

My goal is to share these techniques with you to eliminate lack of strength as an excuse for not doing whatever it is you want in life.

Training with Mike Mentzer, Mr. Universe winner and Mr. Olympia runner-up.
Diana Burgess plane crash

– I’ve treated a wide variety of physical therapy patients over the last 20+ years, with the goal always being to return them to their highest level of pain-free function.

I will share my physical therapy perspective on this site in order to help you achieve that very same goal, should an injury or disability occur.

– I’ve also trained NFL players with the Strength and Conditioning staffs of both the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Jacksonville Jaguars.

There I learned how to train the players to maximize performance and minimize the risk of injury, and also how to train around injuries that occur during the season, allowing the players to continue to play at a high level in spite of them.

As I got older, I realized how perfectly suited the techniques I had used with the players were for guys over 50. These techniques will help you stay active, feel young, and “stay on the field”, despite the aches and pains that come with life in our platinum years.

tampa bay buccaneers 2001
Dave Durell Rock Solid Fitness Dunedin FL

– And I’ve been a self-employed personal trainer since 1997.  I’ve supervised thousands of one-on-one workouts, testing and refining my techniques in the “real world”, with clients of all ages and stages of life.  Currently, my wife Patty and I own Rock Solid Fitness, a personal training studio in Dunedin, Florida.

I have woven all of these life lessons into Strength After 50.  This unique combination is what sets my strength training programs apart, and makes them absolutely ideal for men over fifty who want to stay strong and live a full life.

So have a look around the site, and check back often for new content.  If you’d like to receive updates and my latest blog posts via email, you can subscribe HERE.

Stay strong!

At the top of Medicine Bow Peak in Wyoming, 12, 014 feet up. This is what staying strong and living fully after 50 is all about!
At the top of Medicine Bow Peak in Wyoming, 12, 014 feet up. This is what staying strong and living fully after 50 is all about!